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If you recognise yourself in any of the above descriptions and whether your challenges are personal, professional or both, then we can help facilitate and support your amazing change processes.

We help people make a paradigm shift in their life transformation, personal development and self improvement, by shifting perspectives on change, energy, stress management, well-being and creativity.

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Business Change

We help business leaders, entrepreneurs and top teams create new transformation agendas for their business. We stimulate new visions, strategic direction, purpose and innovative thinking that strengthens the sustainability, performance and legacy value of the business.

Professional Change

We offer executive life coaching for professionals to transform their working lives and relationships, reducing stress and creating new change agendas, directions and possibilities. By repositioning blocks we can reorientate pathways and choice points, to a more rewarding and inspiring career with lasting fulfilment.

Personal Change

We help individuals create personal transformations and greater wholeness in their life by activating their inner guidance. We explore and reframe challenges to open new learning pathways, helping to integrate intuitive insights, resourcefulness, energy systems, intrinsic wisdom and highest service to self and others.

Working Together to Create Lasting Change

We believe that everywhere, everyone is being impacted by many profound changes that are happening in the world around us, therefore, exposing us all to new kinds of personal, professional and business related challenges to deal with. Personally finding our way through these deeply personal challenges can be a daunting and confusing process which easily leads to disillusionment, anger, irritation, reactivity and volatility, as we experience our own vulnerability in the face of fears, uncertainties and doubts about ourselves and our futures.

Our Values

• Integrity and authenticity • Creativity • Honesty and truth, no matter what • Making a positive difference in the world • Being of highest service to ourselves and others • Pushing across and through boundaries (real and imagined) • Playfulness and humour • Inspirational insights • Connections to unlimited resourcefulness • Self sufficiency and sustainability • Intuition and personal resonance as a navigation aid in life • Creating Synergy • Self love and compassion for ourselves • Honouring our Hero’s Journey • Conscious Evolution • Sustainability and positive legacy •

Working Principles

• Meaningful conversations and mutual sharing • Challenging limiting beliefs and stuck thinking • Breathing and feeling into situations/experiences • Deep level insights guided by heart coherence • Accessing multiple intelligences and intuitions • Speaking resonant truth • Facilitated explorations of clients internal landscape • Identifying personal operating systems, defaults and limiting programming • Discovering and clarifying new change opportunities • Facilitating full resourcefulness • Stress relief • Coaching for performance improvement and transformation • Energy systems realignment and restart •

Personal Transformation

Consciously or unconsciously, we are all part of a mass awakening process thats now fully activated across the world. More and more people are asking new kinds of questions about their lives and futures. Many are wondering what kind of world they would love to live in and often how and why we have created so much conflict and out of balance behaviours.


All our deepest fears, uncertainties and doubts are steadily rising to the surface of our awareness and there’s often nowhere to hide anymore. Maybe you realise the need to overcome deeply personal and deep rooted blocks and challenges and are finding yourself ‘stuck’ in limited thinking processes or reactive ’emotional triggers’ more and more. Maybe you are feeling consistently drained and lacking in energy, enthusiasm and drive. Or maybe you find yourself uncharacteristically disempowered, not knowing where to start, what to heal or how lead yourself out of the gloom, as the ‘old ways’ no longer work for you. The energetic rules of the game have changed and awareness updates are needed.


We explore and enable more intuitive ways to access your limitless inner wisdom and resourcefulness and open to your higher self connections and self healing abilities. We apply evolutionary coaching principles, alongside energy systems coaching [esc] modalities and life coaching conversations to support your personal development and self improvement processes and co-create new ways for you to empower yourself, to create major shifts forward in your life. In a ‘work’ context, Instead of struggling on between the 2 choices of ‘live to work’ or ‘work to live’ we create new personal choices including ‘bringing love to work’ and ‘working to love more’. When we love what we do, and unconditionally love who we are inside (the good, the bad and the ugly), we become much more expansive and open within ourselves, to express our full creative identity and truth. We are free to become who we truly are.

Professional Change

As many business environments are highly volatile and subject to constant change, many business professionals are having to plan longer term, to get prepared for external impacts and new demands. Getting organised can often involve the use of personal networks, mentors, sponsors and gatekeepers, who can help open new doors and raise awareness about future options and possibilities. Some business professionals are questioning the basis of their chosen work and finding that their true callings, purpose, passions and inspirations live in other roles, occupations and lines of work. Often performance levels can drop and stress levels increase during ‘transition’ and It can be very challenging to move out of a secure but unfulfilling role and embark on a new adventure, without complete personal alignment around your new aims and ambitions.


Its often hard to see and overcome the deeper personal blocks and sometimes hidden limitations, which create stress and disrupt your ability to create successful and fulfilling career progressions. Creating meaningful working relationships and job satisfaction, when feeling like ‘a square peg in a round hole’ is somewhat futile. Finding new ways to recognise, acknowledge and honour your natural gifts and talents will help to pave the way for greater recognition and reward in more fulfilling pursuits. But  are you being really honest with yourself about what you truly want and need from your chosen work? Are you creating your own clear agenda for change and transformation?


As experienced executive coaches, we work closely with you, to climb into your world, understand the key issues you face and create new perspectives on change opportunities. As we explore this personal development territory together, new insights become available and new pathways emerge. We open up new dialogues, directions, choice points and ways forward, that help you move through currently stuck or decaying situations you face, in order to bring back inspiration, happiness and balance to your professional working life. 

Business Change

There is a silent revolution underway across the working generations, that results in the end of the road for existing business paradigms including ‘the purpose of business is to just make money’. Whilst concepts like ‘Triple Bottom Line’ measurements and ‘Business Excellence Models’ that measure things like ‘Business Results’, ‘Employee Satisfaction’ and ‘Impact on Society’, have been around for years, the prevailing strategic mindset is still ‘money first, above all else’. We support the rise of Purpose-Centred-Business. Creating a higher purpose above all else. True sustainability lies in the choice to create a positive legacy and a productive working environment with constructive products and services that improve the quality and fabric of peoples lives. Social Purpose becomes the ‘living heart’ in successful future businesses and conscious business leadership.


Businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders getting stuck in the limiting paradigm of making money, without any regard for the social and consciously sustainable footprint they leave behind. Outdated business processes that use limited physical resources without due care and consideration for environmental issues. Companies who lack a vibrant and energised vision of their future business or treat their people like expendable numbers on a spreadsheet. Cultural norms and broken systems that prop up cynical attitudes and decaying outlooks. Lack of awareness of the energetic footprint of business and how to enhance it.


We aim to support the shift from Ego-system business models to Eco-system business frameworks that catalyse community building between conscious and sustainable businesses of the future. We help leaders shift their perspectives and awarenesses in profound ways and help remove blind-spots and systemic limitations. We run facilitated strategic exploration workshops to uncover the highest purpose of the business and how it can be of greatest service to its employees, local communities and society at large. We re-vision the product and service portfolio from different perspectives, including the ability to enhance key stakeholders lives, in order to create new and inspiring innovation strategies and change agendas, for more meaningful, purpose driven business impacts. We explore the energetic footprint of the current business and formulate actions plans to enhance key energetic drivers and enablers. We help business leaders practically redefine ‘Business Value’ to enable the company to be of highest service to all concerned.

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