Nick Le Clere

Founder – Next Level Energy


Nick has a passion for helping people through change. Big change.

He provides a unique range of support services that include coaching, energy systems realignments, evolutionary change, trauma recovery and metaphysical influences, by working with  clients own multiple intelligence systems.

The areas of support can cover mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and angelic dimensions, using highly intuitive sensing processes and channelling of relevant information. Nick works with business professionals, alternative healing professionals, as well as the general public.

Areas of Special Competence…

Energy Systems Coaching (ESC)

Pioneer of Energy Systems Coaching (ESC) to communicate and interact with chakras and personal energy centres in and around the body. Sensing and working with personal energy fields to create alignment, peace and balance instead of dis-ease and dis-harmony caused by stress, trauma and ‘stuck’ human bio-computer programming.

Personal Transformation Coach

Experienced many different transformational modalities and their beneficial effects personally and bringing those deep learnings and expansive insights into client conversations and change processes.

Spiritual Intuitive and Resource Integrator

Highly sensitive and empathic spiritual intuitive, able to work comfortably in psychic, energetic, cosmic and metaphysical domains, using various reading, healing and integration modalities, alongside transformational coaching conversations.

Group Facilitator and Trainer

Broad and varied experience of facilitating working groups. Bespoke design and delivery of high impact learning experiences and individual/group exploration processes.

Business Intuition

Ability to identify and follow the energy levels in conversations and group discussions and liberate new ideas to identify the most powerful and energised options and choices, for both groups and individuals.

Heart Based Business

We help you connect your heart and soul to your personal, professional and business life for inspired guidance.

Creating Positive Change

We’re committed to creating a lasting positive change in the world, and helping you to create positive change in your life.

Problem Solvers

We’ll help uncover the root cause of the problems holding you back, and share techniques to help you overcome them.

Here to Serve

At NLC we’re committed to providing you with outstanding service, and we’ll help you achieve your ambitions.

Business Professional Background and Experience

Nick is a serial entrepreneur, change facilitator and transformation consultant, having set up and managed his own successful training, coaching and business change consulting businesses in the UK for over 15 years. He has supported small, medium and large international companies in both design and implementation of various business change programmes, from individual/team/company levels through to industry wide change impacts.

From an early age, Nick was very curious about all things metaphysical and paranormal. Starting with tarot readings and creating astrology charts and readings for people by hand, there was always something extrasensory going on. A strong interest continued into the angelic realm and reiki training with a local Reiki master, as well as psychic and mystic training with Tarona, a metaphysical teacher at a UK spiritual college, tarot card reader and healer. All Nick’s personal readings pointed to great skills and capabilities lying just under the surface, waiting to be manifested. However the main focus was working with people in business to make change happen.

Throughout his professional business career, Nick has pioneered innovation and creativity with many product, service and business process designs winning international awards, shifting old paradigms and changing whole industry/business sector practices for the better.

Whilst highly practical and grounded, Nick has always worked highly intuitively and during 1:1 coaching and group training programmes, could somehow tune into key issues that were not being spoken about or widely recognised.

Over the years, through many learning events, Nick has developed and honed his personal support service capabilities to include much more holistic modalities and interventions, that create massive positive changes for clients. These life changing events take various shapes and forms, but are always created to serve the clients highest good.

And now this unusual and very powerful combination of skills and capabilities are available to you.

‘Thought Leader’ Associations and Collaborations

Besides consistently investing heavily in his own training and personal development, Nick has also met and worked directly with recognised ‘Thought Leaders’ in NLP related and holistic science domains, often interviewing them on video, to explore, create and develop new ideas, products and paradigms, including:


  • Lynne McTaggart – Author, journalist and editor – What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine, The Intention Experiment, The Field, etc.
  • Dr Don Beck – Co-Creator of Spiral Dynamics Integral and world view paradigms
  • Dr Joe Dispenza – Author of many books on brain-body connections and expert contributor to ‘What the Bleep do we Know’ movie documentary
  • Rene Carayol MBE – UK entrepreneurial guru and keynote speaker at international events
  • Richard Barratt – MD of Barratt Values Centre and author of ‘The New Leadership Paradigm’
  • Sir John Whitmore – Author and the father of modern performance coaching
  • Kimberley Hare – Founding Director of Kaizen Training and co-creator of ‘Brain Friendly Learning’ methodologies
  • Robert Dilts – Author and leader in NLP training, new model designs and applications
  • Dr Howard Martin – Ex-Director at the Institute of Heartmath
  • Dr Eric Pearl – Author and co-creator of Reconnective Healing
  • Alison Pothier – Founder of Inside Out Retreats – Richmond, The Inside Out Academy of the Inner Self and featured expert in ‘Choice Points’ Movie