Energy Systems Realignment Sessions

Are you feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or lost at sea and struggling to stay positive and upbeat, after being hit by  massive waves of change in your life?

Are you exploring ways to supercharge your personal energy and want to create your next level of empowerment, inspiration and dynamism?


I work with clients innate intelligence and use energy systems re-alignment methodologies in holistic ways, often involving crystals and intuitive insights to explore and overcome challenges or blockages in the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and metaphysical domains.

This can often include the accessing of channelled information, psychic connections and past life issues that are now requiring acknowledgement, self love and resolution. Guided visualisations, breath-work, higher self activations and energy systems healing are all features of this approach.

Each client brings with them a unique opportunity for help and support, through joint exploration of the layers & landscapes of their inner world.

Energy System Re-alignment sessions, in person and via Skype.

Rates: £135 per 90 minute working session.
Discounts may apply, depending on clients circumstances.


“Thank you again for the wonderful session last week, I found it so helpful. It was amazing to feel those places in me come alive, and feel they are places I can go to any time to regroup with myself and recharge my batteries. I immediately felt more connected – both to myself and ‘all that is’, and this awareness has continued to grow over the week. My antennae definitely feel they are healing, and ‘connecting upstairs’ is starting to feel natural again. Life has been hectic as ever, but I’ve found it easier to take little gaps and spaces for myself without feeling guilty. I have also gained a bit more clarity about other possible sources of work/ repackaging of my skills, and made a trip to the art shop for some new materials as a commitment to myself to make space for creativity again. So all in all, it’s been a very good week of transformation and new insights. Thank you Nick!.”

Registered Osteopath and Naturopath, Clinic Director

Complementary Health Industry

“It is so hard to put my energy shift into words. The big stuff happened on the day of our session, but since then I am experiencing more flow, ease and happiness in my life. I feel like life looks different. I can see it from a different perspective. In the past where I woud have reacted, I can now stay quiet and send love. And good things are starting to show up. You really do have a gift. Thank you so much.”

Natural Child Birth Advocate

Author, Entrepreneur and Childcare Director

“Before the session I felt droopy, like I needed plugging into the mains. Afterwards I felt grounded, energised, expanded and excited about feeling more connected to who I really am.”

Medium and Psychic Channel

Angelic Messenger

“I was feeling worn out and my mind was far too busy, but after our session I feel lighter in energy and much more peaceful.”

Complementary Health Retailer

Retail business owner

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