Life Coaching Consultations

Are you at a major crossroads in your life and unsure which way to go?

Do you feel stressed, anxious, limited, ‘closed down’ or ‘boxed in’ currently, without many choices, options and open doors to resolving work life or personal life difficulties?

Do you want to create and embrace a more empowered, happier and healthier life?


As an NLP Master Practitioner, I use a variety of transformational change processes and neuro-linguistic programming modalities, to enable you to make highly beneficial changes happen in your life.

I also use pioneering Energy Systems Re-alignment and Escaping Stuck Programming methodologies, to explore your current challenges (both conscious and unconscious), identify your blocks to progress and co-create new opportunities for your accelerated personal growth and lasting fulfilment.

Together, we access your multiple intelligence centres and create new connections to your natural and intuitive internal guidance systems. I guide and facilitate your creation of new levels of resourcefulness, clarity, focus, empowerment and opportunity, after each working session.

1:1 energetic life coaching sessions, in person and via Skype.

Rates: £135 per 90 minute working session.
Discounts may apply, depending on clients circumstances.


“Nick was a Godsend to me personally, as well as my business. He came along at the right time and helped on so many levels. Nick is very professional and uses a unique range of skillsets to make change happen. If you want to improve your life in any way, Nick can help. Seeing Nick was probably the best investment in my life.”

Retail Business Owner


“Nick has helped me in 6 key areas of life, over a 3 month period… The areas include my personal wellbeing, family relationship conflicts and helping me with both business development and my own personal development. Taking new action in all these areas, in very short timescales, has led to a level of ease in my everyday life that I could have never expected in this short period… Nick’s qualities include being intuitive, focussed and energising, all at the same time. This has built a very strong working relationship and this represents a very unique coaching scope, range and combination of capabilities.”

Niche consulting, training and coaching company

Managing Director

“Nick Le Clere is a Master communicator on many levels, whose intuition and practical advice has proved invaluable, time and time again, at critical turning points in my life.”

Multi-dimensional healer and spiritual counsellor

Medical intuitive

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