Personal Trauma Recovery

Are you haunted by traumas in your past, that directly affect and limit how you can live your life today?

Have you now decided, from somewhere deep within, that enough is enough and you now deserve to liberate yourself from old woundings?


I work sensitively with you by using energy based healing processes, that can often be ‘content free’, to avoid re-entering the emotional triggers of the past experience, in order to effectively work through early childhood traumas and repressed memories, that now require acknowledgement and release. This can include human bio-computer resets & reboots, using directed self love into specific energy centres.

By applying highly sensitive exploration and support processes, I help childhood trauma and abuse victims turn their past experiences into their greatest strengths and sources of greatest empowerment, leaving the shackles of their old imprisonment behind.

We work together to enable the emergence and increase of self love and higher awareness of your souls mission & purpose in this lifetime. We find vibrant new life resonance frequencies to live by, on the other side of fear based constructs, conditioning and old ‘stuck’ programming.

If you feel its time to finally let go of your difficult past, then this is for you.

Personal Trauma Recovery sessions, in person and via Skype.

Rates: £245 per 90 min working session.
Discounts may apply, depending on clients circumstances and assignment parameters.


“The recent revelations of my past have been so shocking that I have often wondered how I could go on. Being able to share these issues in an environment of non-judgement, trust, faith and loving kindness has been a life saver. As the layers of the onion continue to reveal themselves, I know I can count on the unconditional love and support from you, which I have never known previously. And I know I can overcome anything in my past when I acknowledge and accept my own power and sovereignty as a survivor and thriver, instead of being a victim and all alone. Thank you so very much.”

Complimentary Health Practitioner & Metaphysical Healer

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