Evolutionary Coaching & Mentoring

Are you feeling stuck in a limiting situation that continues to cause major stress and difficulties in your life and you have simply had enough of it?

Are you becoming more aware of your higher self and want to accelerate the process in new and exciting ways?

Are you finding big questions coming up in your life with difficult to grasp consequences and maybe you are releasing big waves of emotions for no apparent reason?


Evolutionary Coaching and Mentoring enables substantial connections to be made with why you are here and who you are becoming, in the wider sense of your life’s journey.

Together, we form deeper and clearer connections with your Higher Self leadership presence and your wider life purpose. Exploring your past and present experiences, we create new meanings and contexts to work from, in overcoming your perceived challenges and difficulties.

We explore any areas of denied self love and provide kind and sensitive support, by co-creating more solid foundations for personal support systems, accelerated growth and self expansion in holistic and metaphysical domains.

We build greater emotional resilience and switch on new personal navigation systems from ‘inside out’ perspectives and ‘personal resonance’ settings.

Creating and releasing amazing new versions of you, to enable lasting change and fulfilment in your life experiences moving forward.

Evolutionary Life Coaching sessions, in person and via Skype.

Rates: £135 per 90 min working session.
Discounts may apply, depending on clients circumstances and assignment parameters.


“Nick is a rare gem in the highly professional service that he offers. On a personal level, in our consultations he made me feel safe and able to open my heart to all possibilities, without fear of what I might see. He listens without judgement and offers solutions in showing a different way to look at the past and the future. The techniques Nick taught me in meditation and visualisation have proven exceedingly helpful in all areas of my life. I learned how to put things behind me and focus on what i want to achieve in the future, with less concern, and even higher positive thoughts, realising that I am strong and allowed to ask for God’s attention on what i want. I was able to accept the traumas and guilt of my past, as part of my life journey which has shaped who I am today. This has improved my strengths in my relationships and self confidence in many areas of my life. In business, the solutions Nick came up with helped my partner and I immensely, through some rough times psychologically, and resulted in drawing income towards us and a stronger focus on positivity.”

Retail Business Owner


“As my life process unfolds and at personal crisis points, its always great to explore and discuss things with Nick, because I’m left understanding my life path more and feeling more empowered to continue to resonate with my own frequency of truth.”

Medical intuitive, multi-dimensional healer and spiritual counsellor

“Nick Le Clere is an old soul who has an enormous capacity to transform your business and your life. Nick’s uniqueness lies in his capability to “see” on several levels and with great depth as to what is ailing you and your business Physically, Emotionally, Energetically and Spiritually.

He then provides healing and awareness building strategies to support you make the necessary changes, to be successful in all areas of your business and personal life.

I have personally experienced Nicks wondrous and magical healing abilities and benefited from the clarity and depth of understanding Nick provides. I have also worked alongside Nick in group healing sessions and witnessed his insights make immediate changes in people’s energy fields, due to his working processes.

If you are ready to make a change and need the support of a sincere and genuine person, with a willingness to truly transform your life for the better, then I highly recommend Nick Le Clere.”

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Acupuncturist and Multi-Dimensional Healer

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