Retainer Packages

Some clients want the reassurance to always be able to call on help and support, on a regular basis, especially if they are engaged in a lengthy or highly challenging transformation processes.

This ongoing support can also be relevant during integration and consolidation of changes made, particularly if existing challenges are remaining persistent or causing high stress and personal disruption, for any number of reasons.

Examples of working requirements that may create the need for ongoing support include:

  • ongoing check in sessions to review progress and work on new issues arising
  • consolidation of new behaviours, habits, responses to emotional triggers and stressors
  • integration of new learnings on deeper awareness levels
  • co-creating new self help tools and techniques to last a lifetime

To be able to provide consistent and high quality support during extended times of transition, we want to make it financially easier for clients to get the attention, engagement and empowerment they need, as shown below.

2 working session slots are held open per month in clients name, for 6-12 month period e.g:
6 months = 12 sessions / 12 months = 24 sessions

Personal Transformation Clients Retainer Package offers:

  • 12 sessions over 6 months normally £1620 – now £1200 (saving £420)
  • 24 sessions over 12 months normally £3240 – now £2500 (saving £740)

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