Workshops and Learning Programmes

A wide selection of programmes and workshops are available.

Presentations and facilitated group workshops are available for self improvement, covering the following subjects and themes:-

Business Transformation Themes:

Conscious Business Leadership

  • Energy Systems in Business
  • Social purpose – the heart of future business
  • Leadership coaching and development with Intuition
  • Conscious business leadership
  • Innovation stimulation
  • Inspirational change processes
  • Imagineering and visioneering the future
  • Brain friendly learning principles and practices
  • Life changing learning events
  • Performance support learning technology at work
  • Sustainable┬ábusiness – new models and frameworks
  • Bringing ‘True Love’ to work

Personal Transformation Themes:

  • Developing Intuition
  • Exploring Multiple Intelligences
  • Working With Your Energy System
  • Conscious Self Leadership
  • Expanding Your Consciousness
  • Loving What Arises

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