It’s been both an honour and a privilege to work with high profile business professionals, complementary health professionals, as well as everyday people, on highly challenging life change issues.

Please find some testimonials below from very satisfied previous clients include, whose privacy is being respected…

“Nick has an unusually broad range of skillsets to play with. At the first coaching support session, we went out into nature to calm my highly stressed state, given some very big business challenges I had been facing, which had become highly problematic and deeply draining for me. At the next session, we were mapping out alternative fuel industry supply chain models and frameworks, in order to identify new partnering and collaboration opportunities and then sketching out strategic game plans to make this happen. This range of performance support capabilities is unique in my experience and is a highly valuable combination for helping in todays complicated, high pressure and high stress working environments.” Managing Director

Alternative Fuels Industry

“As my life process unfolds and at necessary crisis points in my conscious evolution, it’s always great to explore and discuss things with you, because I’m left understanding my life path more and feeling much more empowered to continue on it, with greater resonance in my own core frequency of truth and love.” Medical Intuitive, Light Worker and Healer

Complementary Health Industry

“I know Nick in both a professional and personal capacity. I have enjoyed the number of opportunities I’ve had to develop new ideas and working principles with him over the years. What Nick is really excellent for is as a great ‘sound boarder’ and to explore the reality of both the current situation and what other options and opportunities are available. He has a very natural, self-assured, authentic and approachable way about him and you instantly feel comfortable in his presence and able to get to the heart of problem or working things out quickly. As a highly sensitive and intuitive person, Nick has been able to step into difficult situations for entrepreneurs and others in business and explore new change opportunities with great tact, skill and playfulness. He doesn’t hesitate from ‘calling the truth’ of the situation as he sees it, usually to everyone’s benefit. I’d highly recommend him in providing support to any personal or business transformation or business change initiative.” Sustainable Energy Expert, Entrepreneur and Managing Director

Biomass Fuels and Media Industry

“Having worked with Nick in many business transformation, performance improvement and innovation projects over the years, I have never ceased to be amazed at how he can tune into a person, group or meeting and sensitively enables greater insights and new perspectives to emerge. Nick is an inspiring, playful and highly engaging business change professional, with a huge creative capacity and ability to sense and recognise things that many others miss in everyday workplace situations. As a keen observer and listener, Nick has an uncanny ability to read between the lines and pick up on what isn’t said, as well as what is. He is a fearless paradigm shifter, a seasoned performance and transformation coach and a highly respected facilitator of many years experience, to the extent that every conversation has the potential to become a new adventure for all involved. If change is your thing, Nick’s your man!” Business Innovator, Entrepreneur and Learning Specialist

Aerospace, Manufacturing, Engineering, Finance and Learning Technology Industries

“The recent revelations of my past have been so shocking that I have often wondered how I could go on. Being able to share these issues in an environment of non-judgement, trust, faith and loving kindness has been a life saver. As the layers of the onion continue to reveal themselves, I know I can count on the unconditional love and support from you, which I have never known previously. And I know I can overcome anything in my past when I acknowledge and accept my own power and sovereignty as a survivor and thriver, instead of being a victim and all alone. Thank you so very much.” Complimentary Health Practitioner & Metaphysical Healer

“If you are open to everything and anything and you want to give your business a lift, Nick will help you to reenergize the energy at your workplace to something very positive and aligned. Nick reads energy fields and aligns energy flows and helps remove blockages in your personal and business activities. It is a better feeling work environment here because of Next Level Consulting and our increased sales are testament to what he does.” “As a jewelry store owner operating in a tough retail environment, we looked for any ways to improve our trading. With Next Level Consulting we got much more than we imagined possible. Not only did we create an improved workplace environment and increase sales significantly, but Nick helped us on an individual and personal level as well. I highly recommend Next Level Consulting for business transformations. We were able to make some important staff changes and create/execute an exit plan and sell the business that had overshadowed our lives for a long time. We are now free to engage with new personal callings and much the wiser from our experiences.” Retail Business Owner


“I have known Nick Le Clere for over 10 years, when he first came to the Azores, as a client for our dolphin swimming and whale watching holiday in 2003. My immediate impression of Nick was that he is a good mixer in groups and his pedigree as an NLP trainer, leadership coach and change consultant shows, in the way he treats and interacts with people – always with respect, sincerity and cheerful energy. He has an infectious enthusiasm which touches everyone Nick returned to the Azores for holiday again the following year, which showed me that he was consistent in his ability to interact with people and bring out the fun and playful sides of everyone. It also became clear that even in conversation with Nick, he could help people understand and benefit from the intense emotions that often come up, when people are exposed to swimming with dolphins in the wild open sea. Our guests always found his reassuring presence calming. A natural helper and supporter, Nick was able to help several of my clients with fear based reactions regarding going off the boat into deep sea waters. He also was very good at helping others reflect on the meanings they chose to create, from their own personal dolphin encounters. He is a good listener and empowered people to learn and grow from their experiences. I noticed that Nick was always aiming to create empowerment and a higher perspective in the minds and hearts of my clients. This deepened and broadened the experience my clients were able to have, throughout their dolphin swimming and whale watching holiday. A couple of years later, an opportunity arose to bring on new guides in the Dolphin Connection Experience business and I immediately thought of Nick. Strangely after that first internal discussion meeting, where Nicks name was mentioned as a possible option, he called me afterwards, out of the blue and said he wanted to come back to the Azores with us. Nick worked with me as a guide and lead guide since then, as well as supporting my business in several other ways. He is a very experienced business change coach and my conversations with him have also helped me rethink some aspects of my business operations and strategy. He has been a great support and inspiration which has contributed a lot to the growth of the business.” Dolphin Swimming and Whale Watching Business Owner

Adventure Travel Industry