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Why choose us to help with your personal transformations?

In a word: LOVE

WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS. We care about their wellbeing and success in life very deeply. We always have. We Love stepping into their worlds and understanding more about their issues, problems and opportunities.

We Love that they are brave and courageous enough to put their hand up and ask for help, to deal with some big and often scary challenges.

We Love that they realise the true value of transformational life coaching as a proactive support process, not a sign of failure, or weakness, as is sometimes misconstrued in macho business cultures or social groups.

We Love that our clients feel comfortable enough to share their deepest fears and anxieties that get in the way of making the progress they want and deserve. We Love and respect our clients choice to pursue their own Hero’s Journey with us and we are privileged to support and honour that transformation in them. We Love supporting our Clients return to Wholeness and Resourcefulness within themselves.

We Love helping our clients be of highest service to themselves and others, because thats our highest service to them. We Love working with visionary leaders, innovators, business professionals, healthcare professionals and all kinds of people from many different backgrounds, who are ready to make a major shift and quantum leap forward in their working, business and personal lives.

By the way, Love and Loving Kindness in our world, applies just as much to men as women, small companies and big companies, public and private sectors, anyone and everyone.

Imagine a new world that places Love at the heart of business?

  • What would happen to customer, supplier and partner relationships?
  • What would happen to productivity, workflows and waste reduction?
  • What would happen to collaborative teamwork?
  • How would our perception of value creation change?
  • What would happen to employee engagement and customer satisfaction?
  • How much more could we create from loving kindness to ourselves and others?
  • What would happen to money flows and business results?
  • What would happen to our planet?

A naive vision some may say, but what else are we aiming to create, as our lasting business legacy for the generations to come? More of the same? Surely not? So there it is: All You Need is Love (to coin a phrase), because Love is the most powerful force in the universe. And it feels good too.

Working with you on a Personal Transformation level…

We help you develop your intuition and access your own internal guidance sources, as well as create better connections to higher wisdom and knowings which allow you to use new decision making processes and navigation systems moving forward on your life path.

We help you explore your multiple intelligences, not just your head, heart and gut brains, but all your energy centres and higher self consciousness. We help you connect to energy centres and systems that operate on personal, team, business and global levels.

We encourage and nurture conscious self leadership by expanding your awareness and access to your own true inspirations that promote sustainable and positive legacies based on the highest service and contribution to the highest good.

We operate outside of normal coaching parameters by accessing important information from metaphysical and holistic sources, consistent with your self expansion and conscious evolution. These sources can include psychic insights, past life visions, karmic contracts and ties, mediumship, angelic realms, remote viewing, higher beings of consciousness and light, amongst others.

We explore new ways to love what arises by placing self love, gratitude and appreciation at the heart of your transformations.

Working with you on a Business Transformation level…

We take a holistic perspective on leadership development and coaching, that includes growing your innate capabilities like intuition in business, which still delivers practical applications, new solutions and results.

We nurture and co-create conscious business leadership by exploring what it takes to be of highest service to the greater good, for yourself, your teams, your business and the world. We imagine what can be done to leave a positive legacy and a sustainable future for the generations to come.

We co-create inspirational change processes and programmes which help to activate engagement processes in both individuals and teams and make super-resourceful states of being, more easily accessible for everyone.

We look at things differently using Imagineering and Visioneering sessions to explore new possibilities and ‘what if’ scenarios. We ground new ideas in practical reality and create new game plans and roadmaps for implementation and future business growth and expansion.

We love to stimulate innovation and explore/design new product and service offerings based on customer feedback and market intelligence information and support product development processes to full potential delivery and customer satisfaction.

We design and deliver life changing learning events and programmes, (not just training modules and courseware), that focuses on practical application and positive behavioural changes back in the workplace.

We develop and embed learning support structures and processes in the workplace, which enable greater on going employee engagement and greater ROI from training and development spend.

We love to co-create new conceptual models and frameworks during conversations and group dialogues, to simplify the seemingly complex and help make a picture worth a 1000 words. So you see we do alot of things differently in pursuit of major transformations in both personal and business situations.

Your money back if you are not delighted!

Beside the reassurance of some wonderful testimonials from delighted clients, we offer a full money back guarantee for all personal transformation services, if you are not inspired and/or delighted with the outcomes we achieve, when we start working together.

So, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything amazing to gain – lets start a conversation today and make some amazing changes happen in your life.

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